The march to gun control continues

Read this in the Cincinnati Enquirer a couple of days ago.


This pretty much was a sting operation done by Mike Bloomberg (R for convience) mayor of NYC, had agents go to a gun and knife show that is held in Cincinnati every year, and go to private sellers, and buy a gun acting like they should in no way be allowed.

They had a guy go to the private collectors table, and state something like, “Yeah, I probably wouldn’t pass a background check”, while the sale is already closed.

Of course we all know that this is going to be used, as a agitprop piece to toughen the private ownership laws.  Which I think is completely rediculous.  First off, if it is incumbent on me as a seller to ascertain if someone could not get a gun through a dealer, when am I opened up to discrimination lawsuits.  I mean, right now, if some hip hop style wearing individual came up to me and wanted to buy my weapon, and I told him no, when is he going to sue me for discrimination.  Second off, I am not sure that a cop shop in one city let alone one state should be able to cross lines to sting legitimate businesses in another state.   Especially New York from Cincinnati, OH, it would be one thing if this was Virginia, or somewhere on the I-95 corridor, I don’t think folks are coming out to Cincy from NY to buy a gun to drop it back on NY streets.

This gave me a big warning sign that if this is not the start, it is an escalation on the war on the 2nd amendment.