Who celebrates if and when this gets violent

I am sitting here listening to the the Glenn Beck replay on a sleepless night, and he is talking about Pelosi’s comments earlier on, and then some Kennedy dunce, about violent rhetoric from the right wing. However, when there is real violence like the crybabies at the G20 summit get violent nobody says a damn thing.

Which is now leading me to start thinking, who benefits if some violence really goes down?  It would seem to me the far left and those currently in power would benefit.   They would be the ones setting down the new laws to deal with the violence, and I am sure that those laws would be the things to give them the advantages and disinfranchise as many advantages that conservatives would have (anybody say gun bans etc.).

So in conclusion of this thought.  If some violence really goes down.  It is going to take something along the line of O.J evidence before I would believe that anything violent would be sparked by the conservative side of the coin.