Health insurance reform, and capitalism

It always amazes me how the free market and capitalism gets smeared in the health care debate by the liberals, and how many arguements get missed by the people attempting to stop this debacle from happening.

This my opinion of what the arguments should be on this subject, and I apprieciate any refinements to this points.  My arguements are below.

1.  There should be full interstate competition between insurance companies offering an array of coverages.  Right now each state has certain benchmark of what every insurance company’s policy needs to offer.  These benchmarks are the things that may stop a company like United Healthcare, from covering a person who lives in the state of NJ (this happened to me when I moved from OH to NJ).  What would truly bring down costs would be to allow all insurance companies with all of their options being out there on the free market.  So someone like me, who is a diabetic, and needs certain meds and a level of follow up care with doctors, I would probably look in the market for plans that are like the PPO that I have for work, however, a 25 year old single female, with no physical issues, should have the choice of either buying a plan like mine, at a cheaper rate, or go even cheaper, and buy into a health insurance that only covers catastrophic care.

2.  The price paid for Health Insurance should get the same benefits that companies get for offering health insurance to their employess.  Therefore, any money spent on health coverage should be a tax credit that gets refunded after every tax year.

3.  Health Savings Accounts. Should not only be pretax, but should be interest bearing, and carried over from year to year, and be able to be passed from one generation to the next.

Now I know that the libs heads would explode, especially with my number one point. Well here would be my arguement. This would be the arguement of explaining how captialism and govenment are really supposed to play together.

With this competition, I am not stating that the state insurance commissions go away, but where they are now, it is interfereing with peoples choice on what they can be insured for.  Instead the state insuracne commission should be the referee calling fouls when insurance companies don’t live up to their obligations or when people try to pull a fast one on the insurance company.  They shouldn’t be telling a company what products they need to sell.  So for instance, if I had a heart attack, and am in the hospital for a few weeks, and need some rehab care, and my insurance drops me, then I want the insurance commission to throw the flag and sanction that insurance company, and then I can use that sanction and I can sue that insurance company for damages.  That is the role of government in capitalism.

In conclusion, we don’t need to torch what is already here to make health care better in this country.  It is because of the freedoms that this country has that we have the best health care in the world, and that all the medical innovations start here in the U.S.  We don’t need to change those facts for any reason.  As a matter of fact what is truly needed is more capitalism.  More choices.  If you can’t afford the PPO plan, and don’t need it, you can easily buy the high deductible catastrophic plan, and be on your merry way.