Hey Obama, how about picking some principles and sticking to them

I am just reading here at Redstate, and listening to the news and on the overall scale of Obama over just 9 mohths, I have to ask, “President Obama, please tell me what you believe in”. 

On domestic policy he tries to act like a socialist, as far as health care goes, and the takeover of the auto industry, yet it does appear that his administration is all up and ready to bail out banks yet again if and when banks go down the crapper.  So my question is this, “Are you really for the working man, proletariat, ignorant masses, whatever you want to call us, or are you for big business and big finance, which would make you no different that many of the Republicans, that you villified for about 2 years prior?”

On the foreign front, you wanted to pack up and run out of Iraq, and Afganistan was the “right war”.  Now it is taking Obama 2 months after the report from the General he hired and he still hasn’t come to a decision on how he is going to proceed here.  So now Mr. Tough Guy for Afganistan, is looking to try and find a way to run away like the knights in Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail, but until he makes a decision how many more of our soldiers need to die in the battlefields of Afganistan. 

So please, someone enighten me, and I will even tolerate trolls, tell me what this guy stands for. Because soon enough if I can’t figure it out, the term “Mr. President” will probably start to be replace with the words “Mr. Douchebag without an effing clue”.

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