On the racism charges for oppositon to Obama

Let me preface this by stating proudly that I am a product of an interacial marriage, with an African American/Carribean Islander father, and a Polish/German/Russian mother. 

With that preface, I am sick and tired of the racism charge being spewed.  I am sick of the cop out by the supporters of Barack Obama that since we are not seeing the wisdom behind trying to run a command economy from everything from car manufacturing, financial institutions, to health insurance, knowing that these things never work, and lead to at best most of those things going black market, to just leading to a collapse of everybody, (can anybody say USSR), we must be racist.  WIthout any thought to the fact that when Hillarycare came along, conservatives opposed that with the same loud voice, and the light up of the congressional phone lines, and that was under a white southerner by the name of Bill Clinton.  This is not about race, this is about knowing what the right way and wrong way of doing things.  The wrong way is to look to government to try to plan anything, basic economics tells you that in the laws of supply and demand, that when you put in a price ceiling a black market will emerge, and when you put so many onerous regulations on financial institutions, they avoid the business that you are trying to regulate, (notice not many people can get loans, but banks are making loads of money on different fees for anything.). 

The other thing that bothers me is the people that are calling the racism charge.  You got folks like the NYT dunce Maureen Dowd.  I am sorry, as a “minority” I don’t need this dumb idiot defending my race from racism, knowing that she probably lives in a neighborhood that if my black ass was driving down the street late at night I would probably be pulled over and questioned.  Same goes for that tatooed unfunny dunce Jenene Garafalo.   My  point being is that I do not need liberal white people trying to defend my race from the racists, because for me, it comes of very paternalistic.

This paternalism reminds me of how some people thought of the slaves after the Civil War.  Many were quoted as saying, “If we don’t have them as slaves, what would they do to survive?.”  I know exactly what I am trying to do. I am trying to work my ass off, to pay my bills, and make a nestegg so that one day, I have enough cash so that I can retire comfortably.  In the meantime I would like a family. I don’t need Berkley, mostly white liberals telling me how to do that, and how they are going to provide it through the force of the government. 

I remember putting on a comment once, and I would like to say it again to some of these people.  Let me meet you face to face, and then I am going to go ahead and punch you in the head, and you can see how helpless I am.  You do Obama no service by dropping the race card at every sense of opposition.  Instead of dropping the racism charge, how about refuting our points if you can. If you can’t that obviously this path is not the path to down, unless you really want to destroy what this country is. 

Me personally, if there are some some people that read Redstate have some racist opinions, I would like to say to them, I would rather have you call me the N-word to my face, and then leave me be, that way you are not affecting me.  When you try to paternalize me to protect me from the evil racist, you are enslaving me more.