My Redstate anniversary

I just noticed today, that I have had a Redstate account for 1 year 0 months.  I would like to give a big thank you to Redstate for giving me a forum to speak my thoughts, and to know that there are many people here who see things the same way that I do. 

I would like to thank many people also for some entertaining as well as informative discussion on a whole host of issues.  Folks like Achance, who does give a good perspective from Alaska as well as a wizened view of the world.  Mbecker, who can be harsh, but he puts things the way that I would like to say things many times. Moe Lane, whose post scripts on many of his postings, gives that last little knife twist to a point to just cause a little more pain for those that oppose what he is saying, knowing that he is right as well as his creative blamming skills.  Neil Stevens, for keeping the site running as well as offering an insight to many different issues. Vladamir, who offers a great insight to the oil and energy business, and finally to Erick Erickson for being the one who takes the lead of this community, and represents us very well in the public. 

So in conclusion thanks to all for having me and allowing me to share how I feel, and I hope I contribute a fraction of what I have received.