Metaphorically Speaking

I have been listening lately to liberals, and squishy repubs, complain about how Sarah Palin used the words “death panel” and how that was not in the bill and that she was scare mongering. 

In my humble opinion, and I am sure a few others out there, who is doing more scare mongering Palin, or from the power of the Presidency Obama, who constantly states if we don’t do something about healthcare the economy is going to go into the toilet, if we didn’t pass the stimulus, the economy was going to go into the toilet, if we don’t pass cap and trade, the economy is going to go into the toilet and the world is going to come to a screeching halt.  So as far as the scaremongering arguement, goes my response is, “GO SCREW”

But back to the metaphor of “Death Panels”.  Now I know the exact words “Death Panel” are not in the the HR 3200 bill, but what things are in there that would make me think, “Death Panel”. 

1.  End of life counseling- So my mother would have to meet with an end of life couselor who in the interest of keeping costs down would probably be the one counseling my mother to pull the plug on herself if she got to sick. 

2.  A board that is going to tell doctors what are acceptable treatments.  That’s nice, so my doctor has me on a regiment of meds for a condition, and it may be acceptable but not widespread, and a board of 5 coneheads comes up and says that regiment is meds is not an acceptable treatment for that condition, and we will not allow it to be covered, I get switched to the “medically accepted” treatment and I drop dead. 

To me those things constiute a death panel, now it’s too early to tell that Palin is presidential or leadership material, but as far as what was posted in facebook on this issue, I gotta agree that she was dead on, so dead on in fact that some of the language she was referring to, was removed from Senate proposals. 

So to the Libs out there, before you tell a lie read the bill, and remember, what a metaphor is before you start spouting that someone is “fear mongering: