Tired of hearing about the Republicans fighting each other story

I would really wish the media would call things straight.  I was watching TV tonight, and I stumbled onto the Bill Maher show and he was talking with John Bolten and some other ex-republican representative, and the first words out of his mouth is the rift between republicans, and he mentions Cheney, and then Rush Limbaugh and how the squishes would like to keep them quiet.

It got me thinking.  When I used to lurk on the DKos (what the hell was I thinking), I would see them having about the same arguements about one candidate or the other being too much of a DLC moderate vs. their more likable progressives (read commie scumbag).  However, these fights aren’t all over the media, and republicans never sat there and told the democrats what they needed to do to be more like them to get elected. As a matter of fact it was Chuckie “Schumcky” Schumer who decided to run more Blue Dogs (False advertising) democrats to get the majorites that they got in 2006 and 2008.

Now I don’t know.  In the African-American community, there is a thing about airing the dirty laundry that made people like Bill Cosby pariahs.  Do we need to do a better job of showing a united front, or is this another case of media malpractice where they will want to highlight everything wrong with our side without looking to the other side in what should be a sense of neutrality (I haven’t engaged in any illicit substances to really believe that the media would ever be neutral anymore)? 

I think the next time someone gets interviewed about that we should start showing evidence that the liberal side has the same problems. Just because “they won”, doesn’t mean they don’t have the same infighting, and maybe we need to start exposing those infights when this gets brought up in the media. The main example I can think of right now is the Gillebrand deal in NY or the Specter deal in PA where he is going to get primaried Obama be damned.