Obama needs to stop whining

I thought a leader was supposed to lead, not whine and cry like a bitch for every hard issue he encounters.  I watched his “significant” speech on national security, and it seems that he spent the whole speech crying about what Bush did.  He states that Bush left him a mess, and that he has to sort through all the judicial decisions that went against the Bush administration.  What jackass does not mention is that it was his buddies and supporters just for policial gain filed those suits into courts that for political gain, played boggle with the constituion and granted rights that should not have been granted in the first place to people that are one non-citizens of this country, two, were unlawful combatants, that could have been summarily executed in the battlefield, and three the constitution does not apply to fighting a war in the first place.  Now he has the job, and is crying that the things that helped him get into the office by undermining Bush is now things he has to deal with as a hindernace.

All I gotta say is too damn bad. Instead of looking at the reality of the situation, he campaigned on and then acted on with the executive order to close Gitmo.  Now even his own congressional members that rode his coattails into their senate and congressional seats now are not going to give him the funding without a solid plan for the closing of Gitmo.  Now I don’t know if this was a way, for them to jump in front of the bullet so the child-president, doesn’t take the bullet for not being able to deliver on closing Gitmo, or if there is (Oh my God it couldn’t be) a stance of conscience from the more moderate Democrats (read liars who will do/say anything to get elected), that they don’t want these people released in the US. 

Come on Obama, you are the golden-boy, smartest man in the room, best president of all time even though you only been in the office for about 4 months.  Come up with a plan and own up to the consequences.  This is a time when you don’t get to vote present on the issue, or did 52% truly vote for a complete coward.