Making Newspapers Non-profit

I am listening to FBN today, and I am listening to a congressman from Maryland stating that they want to make newspapers non-profit since they are going bankrupt.  This is utter garbage.  Why should our government support failing businsess any more.  If they can’t hang, they are done.  Are these things that during our “greatest economic crisis” ever should our govenment even be supporting.  I am also wondering why this would be proposed, and the only thing I can think of is payback.  Most of these newspapers that are out there now, probably supported Obambi and the other liberal pols that gave them the power that they got this past election cycle, and they want to pay them back.

Our country needs an national type auditor to audit the tie ins between legislation and who got what and for how much, because this is starting to get really, really, scary.

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