Watching the press conference

And so far I have found the whole thing pretty cringe worth.  Our president is committing the 11th deadly sin according to one of my economics professors.  He is beleving his own B(&&^(&t. 

Does he honestly believe that cap and trade is going to help us?  If so, how does that work exactly.  By adding a whole bunch of extra charge to my utility bill. Oh I get it, we can get gas back to 4 – 5 dollars a gallon which started a good part of this mess that we are in.  Oh that’s right we are going to build wind farms and solar panels, oh that’s right we don’t really want to build them where they could actually be efficient (off the coast of Massachusetts, or in the Mojave desert for solar).  So again, explain to me, the great unwashed how does this help the economy overall or me personally.

It is nice to see that a couple reporters of actually asking a few tough questions.  I guess the fawning period is over, I do wonder what he did to piss off the press, or are they trying to get their validity back.  I mean hell CNN is asking questions about expanding debt. 

I am a little sick about him stating how things are his plan, and that there are no other alternatives.  There have been alternatives, however, the press didn’t cover it and during the stimulus bill, republicans were completely out of the process.  Maybe if he didn’t outsource the stimulus to congress, and it appears he is going to outsource the budget as well. 

Now I am listening to him on his tax policies, and I am hearing nothing but lets be fair.  Sorry, but I had years where me and my wife paid over a grand in taxes.  So I am sorry I don’t want my tax rates to go back to the percentages before Bush took office after 2011. This is going to be detrimental to any growth that our economy can have. 

Overall, it’s nice to see the press is finally asking a decent question instead of giving him figurative oral sex, but I still think he is a B&(&^#t artist, that has no concept of leadership.

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