Suggestions for the starting point for the GOP.

Lately, I have been hearing about Republican folks like Steele, Megan McCain, Frum, and a few others who seem to want to pick a fight with conservative folks like Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, et. al, for control of the Republican party.  It seems it is like a fight between Moderates and true conservatives.

Let’s start the arguement like this.  If you believe in the following thing, you should have voted and backed Republican candidates, and can call yourself Republican, if not, have a Coke and a smile, and get the hell out of my face.

Limited government-In my opinion, and from what I see hear and what I listen to on the radio, that means, that govenement only has a few responsibilities.  National defense, (stopping somebody from shoving am missle up my ass, stopping terrorist attacks on our soil, stopping the illegal migration of immigrants into our country), national infrastructure (roads, bridges, energy delivery, air travel), and international trade.

All the other positions appear to be ancillary and will continue to hound us into permanent minority status, and continued subugation to socialist mores.   It does appear at some times that on our side of the isle there are some who would like to legislate morality of some sort or another, or are more than willing to expand the government power to more than what is above.  I do agree, that abortion should be a state by state issue, instead of a national thing. 

However, the real offenders of the above totally come from the left, and today I found a challenge that I would love our representatives to spit at the liberals.  You have money and influence, if you are so invested in your way being right, then you buck up for it instead of asking the rest of us to do so. For example, healthcare. The left loves to throw around, single payer system, universal health care, and 40 million uninsured talking points.  However, their side of the aisle appears to have some real money on their side (Soros, Oprah, Hollywood stars, mega athletes, etc.). Why don’t you use some of that money to form an organization that can insure and pay for the health care of everyone else, instead of asking the government (and through that me and you) to pay for healthcare. 

Once we get to this starting point of what governement should be doing.  Then we need our representatives to have the balls to defend that position. If they are unable to, then they need to go.