He can speak real well, but what is he saying

I watched a majority of the president’s speech last night and will say, I think he can give a good speech, but what is he really saying and can he govern.  I personally don’t have confidence that he can.  In my opinion he already proved that he can’t govern by outsourcing the “stimulus” plan to Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of congress, and it seems that he is willing to outsource healthcare, education, and fiscal responsibility to them as well. 

I was only in 1st grade when Reagan became president, but was in high school, when the Berlin Wall came down, and the USSR finally just tapped out.  Regan exemplified leadership by doing one thing, that I don’t think Obama has the balls to do, and that is to tell the leaders of party and congress to STFU.  If I remember properly, the “evil empire” remark drew critics from both sides of the aisle as being too tough, but Regan stuck to it, and through his policies and tough negotiating the USSR tapped out, and I got to spend my formative years not worrying about a nuclear holocaust or a Russian missle being shoved up my ass.  

Until Obama can do that, I cannot and will not hope that he gets an upswing in this economy that he can thump is chest and say it is his leadership and agenda that did it, when I know deep in my heart with the learning I obtained with my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics that what he is proposing has no way of working.  His raise taxes on those making over 250,000 a year and on corporations, will do nothing but cause more unemployment, and even he is clear as mud on that. Because if he says he is cutting my taxes (Me and my wife make less than 250,000 a year), however lets all of the Bush tax cuts expire, that will turn into a net increase and makes us overall poorer than we were.

On the foreign policy side he is showing zero leadership, and contradicting himself, how can you state that you want to keep us safe from terrorists, but cut the military.  Now it sounded good to say he wants to cut weapons spending on weapons from the cold war that are no longer being used, but they weren’t being used because we did not have an enemy to fight, thank you Ronald Reagan, but now we do have a fight on our hands with these scumbag terrorists, and on top of that Russia is starting to pop off again because they felt they were going to return to greatness thanks to the goop under the ground, (that has since changed).  We got Iran wanting a nuke, and we are stripping our military.  How the hell do you do that. 

In my final analysis, he gives a real pretty speech, but so do actors everyday, but what are they really saying and what is he really saying.  Also he leaves doubts for me as to whether he is ignorant of what is happening, or he really wants to be a part of changing us to a govenment run economy, and weakly secured country. Either way he is no leader that I want.