Screaming at the TV Again

Watching the news about this stimulus bill I keep hearing them talk about how, “They need 60 votes to pass the thing.”  Now in just my observations that is not true, but we all know how the media would cover it, because it would give cover to their bosses, namely the Democrat Party. 

My understanding has been that the Republicans could easily vote for cloture, but then vote against the bill.  However, we all know which vote would be broadcast all over the media for the lemmings to listen to, and only those that really know what the hell is going on would know the difference. 

I pray to God, that someday, our media would get back to actually reporting the news properly and help in educating the public, like it should be doing, instead of cheerleading the liberal agenda and the subsequent death of this country.

If I am wrong in my observation, please let me know.