Heads I win, Tails you lose

It appears with the recent “Stimulus Plan”. That the Democrats are crying that not one Republican voted for it in the house.  My question to that insert unflattering expletive here Nancy Pelosi is why the hell should they have voted for it.  She has always played the game of it’s the Republicans fault when things went bad, but when things go good, no credit given to Republicans. In fact that was one of the main reasons why Republicans and Conservatives took a beating in the last two election cycles. 

So now no cover is given to them when this stimulus thing gets signed into law and all it succeeds in doing is giving a bunch of Liberal special interests a whole bunch of cash. Give states money to build start on infrastucture projects, however, thanks to the Envrio-wipes, that money will stimulate no one’s wallet except some lawyers who will need to represent the city or state against the pro-bono unlimitless representation of the envrionmental movement. 

I read Moe Lane’s post earlier, and I agree with him, the Democrats have overwelming majorities in the House, set up draconian rules that the Republicans have nothing to say, and are one or two squish Republicans away from filabuster proof majority. Yet they still want the politacal cover when things go badly. If they are so sure it is going to work, take the credit for the good, as well as the blame for the bad.

It is quite hypocritical to me, to win an election cycle on Republicans suck and can’t do anything right, then expect them to support you and your goals, especially when those goals do nothing to help an already bad situation.