Various Musings about things this week

Well, so far this week heading into the New Year I have seen the following.

1.  We must live in Bizarro world, when people will actually take the side of terroristic savages like Hamas over Isreal when all they ever tried to do was live in a peaceful existence, within the little sliver of land that was given to Jewish people, after it was pretty much found out that wherever they go, they face anti-semitism.  I just flip through my XM and hear a person on the American Left Channel, talking about how we needed a more “bargaining type” solution than an “Ideologically based” solution.  Pretty much stating that Isreal should give up more land to those savages as opposed to what Bush was trying to do, in thinking these savages are rational, and that they would put people in power that would work to help them become at least somewhat prosperous, instead of leading them down a path of poverty and war.   My personal thought at this point is to return the favor that Hamas is trying to give Isreal and push them into the depths of the Mediterranean (Spelling error here probably) Sea.

2.  Lurking on the blog this week I saw the issue about Chip Saltsmann sending the Rush Limbaugh parody song “Barack the Magic Negro”, and the false outrage and painting with the broad brush that all republicans and conservatives are racist. 

Here are my two cents on that point.  Firstly, any body with half a brain should see that the paraody was not racist in the intent of denegrating Obama or anyone else over their race, but was about showing how Obama would be considered a safe enough black person to vote for in regards to white liberals and pointing out at how this started out when Hillary was still the prohibitve favorite how some people in the Black leadership had their reservations about Obama.  Secondly, I am black myself, at least 1/2 black, (My father was black and served this country for 31 years in the Army, my mother is white, I usually like to qualify that, because unlike Obama, I don’t drop parts of my heritage to satisfy anybody), and I was turned on to libertarianism/conservatism in college, pretty much looking at things and realizing that as a black person why would I want to give power to a government that can give and take from me at will and continue to be a political football.  Why would I not vote for people that will realize that they just need to have the government get out of the way since it cannot lead, nor has the sense or humility to follow.  Which leads me to another debate I was seeing on the board about how the conservative movement can package their message.

I personally believe the conservatism can package the message with blacks by pointing out positions that effect blacks, point out what the liberals are currently doing, and how it is not working, then explain how our position on freedom and less government is better. 

Example:  Education.  A huge issue for many African American families that live either in failing inner city schools or working class neighborhood schools that just can’t compete.  Show that the Liberal Democrats policy of throw money at it, and placate the NEA and other teacher’s unions, is not working and actually perpetuating the issue further. Then explain our position of school choice either through vouchers or charter schools, and how that will positively affect them. 

I personally believe that we can get about 30 – 40 percent of the African American vote if we can do that.  Again, we do have to start with pretty much demonizing the liberals for what they truly are which are closet, nanny statist, racists.

3. This morning, I thought that the following link from MSNBC.com was pretty pretty funny, and just goes to show that the NYT is looking at the death watch. 


Looks like the lobbyist the NYT all but accuesed of having an affair with John Mccain is looking to sue their asses off.  Now as a conservative normally I do feel that our court system is overly abused with frivolous lawsuits, but in this case, let the dog of the courts bite the NYT in the ass as the courts have bitten conservatives in the ass more times than not.

Your thoughts are apprieciated on this.