So now we can't campaign any more because of the Econooomy

I am going to use a football analogy here since I am an ex-football player.

Brack Obama is up by 5, with 3:00 minutes left, and wants to change the rules so that McCain cannot throw the long ball to score the touchdown and win the game.

I was listening to Fox again after they got done with McCain’s speech and she is like the differnce is that Barack is showing steady leadership by saying nothing (running the ball into the line 3 times, punting, and playing prevent defense), and McCain is being “Partisan”. Like if the roles were reversed we wouldn’t hear is Bush’s fault this and Bush’s fault that.

I personally think that McCain is doing the right thing at this point, as long was we can bypass media coverage and media hacks.

Another reason I can’t vote for Obama is that he is surrounded by utter f’ing liars.