Cheerleading financial disaster for personal gain

Just got done watching a Fox News interview with an Obama spokeman and the first words out of this guys mouth when the Fox News guy asked about McCain making commercials about having folks look more closely at Obama’s association was something along the lines of, “I don’t know if McCain’s campaign reads the same papers we do, but we are in an economic crisis”.

I am sorry, but it appears to me that everyone in Obama’s camp and campaign are cheerleading this financial crisis so that Obama can clock the ball and stumble across the finish line.

Now I am not into guilt by association, but I do think that if you associate with guys that hated what the government was doing so much that they bombed the Pentagon, judge’s houses, etc. That speaks to how you would intend to govern. Obama is running on a stealth campaign on “I am a moderate”, but he knows that these associations blow the stealth out of the water.

I knew since day one, that I would vote for the republican for the democrat since the primaries, because, I knew that the republican would be infintiely better than any democrat to protect my basic freedoms to do what I need to do without infringing on anybody elses rights than the democrat does.

One of the lines McCain really needs to push is that he believes in America and it’s people, over government, and press that every Obama solution is something having to do with government or spending our tax payer dollars.