Obama's snowjob

Lately, I have been listening to the news, the debates, and the ads, and have to wonder who Brack Obama really represents. In my majority African American, middle class neighborhood, I see nothing but signs for Obama, and I just have to ask why?

It doesn’t seem like he is truly representative of anything that would benefit this group of people, other than that there would be the first African American president, but again does he represent the African American agenda, or does he represent the socialist eliteist white college kid agenda? On that question I would say the latter.

So far his statements on policy from energy (support pie in the sky alternatives to appease the Enviro-facists), tax code (Take from the rich and give to the poor), and his citizen of the world bulls–t, prove to me that he will not in anyway represent anything at all, and will only be the hand puppet of the white liberal eliteists that currently run the democrat party, and just look at African Americans under the same sterotypical lens of we need their help.

In conclusion, for me anyway, it is exciting as a half African American, half white individual that there is an African American candidate, but this guy is the wrong guy, that will possibly damage any future hopes of another African American candidate. God knows, I am not voting for him