Lying Bastards Lie

Frank J. at IMAO wouldn’t use that title, but I will. Numerous news media outlets have reported that certain members of the CBC were insulted with racial epithets during the course of protesting yesterday.  The specific accusation most often repeated is that when Andre Carson (D-IN) and John Lewis (D-Ga) left the Cannon House Office Building yesterday, they were met with a crowd that chanted the “n-word” at them repeatedly.  Frank J. had an excellent rundown of all the media outlets who credulously reported the word of these lying race pimps despite the total absence of any video or audio evidence to the contrary.

It turns out, it’s not just that there’s a lack of evidence that this ever happened, there’s actually video evidence of the scene in question which absolutely proves that Carson and Lewis are full of crap:

I don’t know if these two idiots are just unaware that protesters and activists tend to carry video cameras everywhere they go now in order to catch news as it happens, or if (more likely) they just figured that their completely fabricated story fit a pre-existing narrative the media would be happy to credulously pass on.  The sad thing is that it appears to have worked.  I won’t hold my breath for all the media who slandered the Tea Party protesters to retract and publicly these two out for the liars they are, though. 

Really, it’s sad in a way.  Racism still does exist in this country, but political crooks like Carson and Lewis have turned the owrd into a joke for the sake of their own political gain.  Well done, fellas – way to serve the cause.