Stupak Shows his Democrat Colors

No, I don’t mean being pro-choice, I mean surrender:

Rep. Bart Stupak said he expects to resume talks with House leaders this week in a quest for wording that would impose no new limits on abortion rights but also would not allow use of federal money for the procedure.

“I’m more optimistic than I was a week ago,” Stupak said in an interview between meetings with constituents in his northern Michigan district. He was hosting a town hall meeting Monday night at a local high school.

“The president says he doesn’t want to expand or restrict current law (on abortion). Neither do I,” Stupak said. “That’s never been our position. So is there some language that we can agree on that hits both points — we don’t restrict, we don’t expand abortion rights? I think we can get there.”

I have long said that once you reach the United States Senate, there is no such thing as a pro-life Democrat.  However, it used to be true, even within this decade, that honest-to-goodness pro-lifers existed among the Democrat caucus in the House.  IN fact, I personally felt so strong about preserving their existence that I voted for Marion Berry (D-AR) in 2004, despite his incorrigible record on spending.  However, if Stupak isn’t able to hold together enough people to defeat this bill on this issue – not just abortion, but public funding of abortion, then the myth of the pro-life Democrat is officially dead, and the Democratic party will have officially become the first monolithic party on this issue in America.

I suppose it’s possible that Stupak and the rest still believe in their hearts that they are in fact pro-life, and that their pro-life instincts have just been overridden by the much deeper Democrat instinct to surrender.  However, in this political environment, with the current resident of the White House calling the shots, being a surrender monkey is going to effectively mean being pro-choice until there’s no one left who remembers the difference.