More From the Mailbag! (Open Thread)

We get a lot of hate mail here at RedState. Almost none of it is as entertaining as this. Take note, trolls: if you want your nonsensical rant to appear on the front page of RedState, from henceforth this is the bar it must clear:

From: Rod Burket

Date: February 28, 2010 10:11:10 PM EST

To: RedState

Subject: A complaint about your “moderator” Neil Stevens

I just recently created an account on your site.  Today, I was “banned” so to speak by a moderator whose name is Neil Stevens.  The thread that I supposedly caused him to terminate my account was http://www.redstate.com/moe_lane/2010/02/27/obama-administration-kills-23k-space-related-jobs-in-florida/#comment-30885

I am truly offended that someone like this Neil person would have the audacity to stop someone from expressing their ideas, or prevent someone from expressing their opinion.  If this is what Red State is all about, then I do not wish to be part of this online community.  If this is not retracted, and if I do not receive an apology, I shall write a blog posting about the practice of Red State’s representatives and how they are against the First Amendment of Free Speech.  I shall write to every blog site I belong to, and show the proof of the above referenced thread as my evidence which I have saved into my web browser.  I shall also visit your associated “partners” and also inform them of your actions today.

I must also mention that I am an editor for the Open Directory Project.  This is the online community of volunteer editors for the advancement and accurate placement of web sites on the internet.  If you are not familiar with this project, I would suggest you speak with your webmaster.  I am sure that he or she is familiar with this project.

My site called newfreedomblog.com is a site which not only promotes freedom of speech, but also tracks down those sites online which do not participate in this basic right in our great country.  I do hope Mr Stevens has just made a simple mistake, and is man enough to apologize.  I am sure he was simply having a bad day, and regrets his action.


Rod Burket, Administrator newfreedomblog.com


Dear Mr. Burket,

Although it is by no means a certain thing, hopefully you are possessed of the brainpower to deduce whether that apology is coming your way any time soon, based on the fact that we have posted your most hilarious email on the front page for all to see and mock.

Good day,


Open thread.