OH-Sen: Dem Candidates Crawl in Bed with Unions, Advocate For Single-Payer Healthcare

Over the weekend, both Democrat Ohio Senate candidates (Lee Fisher and Jennifer Brunner) attended an event sponsored by ACORN’s favorite union (SEIU) to discuss the current fate of Obamacare. By way of reminder, Ohio voters disapprove of Obamacare by a 56-33 margin. Showing her tone deafness towards the attitudes and beliefs of Ohio voters, Brunner spoke at the event in favor of not only Obamacare, but a full-blown Medicare-style public option, which she praised as a “true single-payer” system, which all Americans should be thrilled to have. In this video, which must be seen to be believed, she expressly knocks the free market and implies that somehow (through, I dunno, magic?) passing a single-payer health system would create more jobs:

Fisher, for his part, hasn’t posted video of his appearance but according to the SEIU pressers, he also advocated for the passage of a healthcare bill that is massively unpopular with Ohio voters. No word on whether he also advocated putting every American on Medicare.

These two loons could have a vote on your healthcare come next January. Standing in their way is Rob Portman. Donate to Rob or get involved today.