Tom Campbell Speaks to Planned Parenthood About the Threat of the "Radical Right."

UPDATE: According to one of our commenters, the event is real but Campbell declined to attend based on the fact that it was only sponsored by the county Dems. I encourage you to read the comment and his full explanation.  I have no access to the 1994 news article referenced by our commenter, so cannot comment upon its accuracy either. 

So I’ve run across a document (image attached above) which has popped up on twitter and purports to be a flyer from an event at which California GOP Senate hopeful Tom Campbell spoke. Beyond what I have just stated, I cannot vouch for either the source or authenticity of this document, and I have not yet seen Campbell comment upon whether it is genuine. Based upon these factors, take this with as many grains of salt as you prefer.

Provided this document is genuine, it certainly raises some important questions, beginning with why Tom Campbell accepted an invitation to speak at a group called the Santa Clara County Planned Parenthood Advocates, or at an event co-sponsored by local chapters of NOW, the National Lawyers Guild, P-FLAG, the Santa Clara County Democratic Party, and Democratic Activists for Women Now.  This list of prominent sponsors is of course so shocking to mainstream Republican sensibilities that one is almost left to wonder whether this flyer is some sort of prank, and whether the pranksters who generated it sat around debating whether adding the Santa Clara County chapter of NAMBLA would push it one step too far. 

Of course, if Tom Campbell really DID attend such a conference, he of course has much to answer for, quite apart from the content of his purported speech itself (which cannot have been encouraging to GOP activists, being presumably titled ‘The Threat of the Radical Right’.) And if the truth is as bad as this flyer suggests, Tom Campbell has no business even running for the CA GOP’s nomination for a legitimately vulnerable Senate seat.