A "God-Given Right to an Abortion."

Apparently, they held an anti-Stupak rally yesterday in D.C. in an effort to sway the Senate’s deliberations on Obamacare.  You may not have heard about it because no almost no one came.  In any event, at this rally, some sad excuse for an alleged Christian minister made the following statement:

“Don’t let anybody tell you that religious people don’t support choice,” [Carlton] Veazy said, according to CNS News. “You not only have a constitutional right for abortion, but you have a God-given right.”

First of all, haven’t we been told for years that when ministers suggest that God is opposed to abortion, this is evidence of a dangerous creeping theocracy?  I haven’t heard any of these same logically challenged moral midgets make a peep about this kind of rhetoric on the pro-abortion side.

Second, where, exactly, does this guy get his information that there’s a “God-given” right to an abortion? It certainly isn’t in the Bible.  It isn’t in any recognized religious tradition I’ve ever heard of (and I am at least relatively well-versed on this subject).  Apparently, this “minister” Veazy feels that he has the plenary power to declare what God-given rights are, based on whatever he feels politically at the moment.  In this case, he has declared, based on his (self-professed) ultimate authority to speak on behalf of God Almighty, that God has given women an inherent right to kill children growing in their wombs. 

Memo to Carlton Veazy: the Christianity you profess to believe in already has an authoritative text, and it contains passages like James 3:1 that you might want to revisit in your spare time.  Of course, you don’t have to believe in Christanity, God, or the Bible, but if you accept the basic premise of your stated faith (that being ultimate accountability to God on Judgment Day), you might want to be a little more careful of presuming to make false moral pronouncements on His behalf.