Jon Corzine's Macaca Moments

Via Jim Geraghty comes this reminder that Jon Corzine, who is trailing Republican Chris Christie in the hotly-contested NJ-Gov race, is no stranger to “Macaca moments.”  Most recently, Corzine decided that it would class up the debate in the governor’s race by cracking on Christie’s weight.  Get it? Vote for me, the other guy’s fat!  As Geraghty notes, this kind of “humor” is nothing new to Corzine, who was forced to admit during his 2000 Senate campaign that he had made multiple disparaging stereotypical remarks about Italian-Americans:

Jon S. Corzine, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the United States Senate in a state where one of every four Democrats is Italian-American, acknowledged today that he had made disparaging remarks about Italians as recently as two weeks ago.

* * *

According to Mr. Alfano, when someone in the group introduced Mr. Corzine to a lawyer named David Stein, Mr. Corzine said: ”He’s not Italian, is he? Oh, I guess he’s your Jewish lawyer who is here to get the rest of you out of jail.”

* * *

The second time was about two weeks ago, Mr. Alfano said. He said Mr. Corzine was introduced to an Italian-American man who said he was in the construction business. As Mr. Alfano related the exchange, ”Mr. Corzine turned to the Italian-American contractor and quipped, ‘Oh, you make cement shoes!’ ”

In fairness, Corzine denied having made the “Jewish lawyer” crack, and given that Corzine is such a stand-up, honest, and classy guy, we should probably take his word that he’d never do such a thing. 

I hope New Jersey Democrats are proud of going to the booth and pulling the lever for this guy on election day.  And I hope the media, who covered Macaca into the ground and are more recently trying to do the same with Bob McDonnell’s (much older) college thesis can be bothered to point out the kind of campaign Jon Corzine is running.