Mike Castle to Announce Run for DE-Sen

Political watchers have long been awaiting a decision from Mike Castle about whether he will run in 2010 for Joe Biden’s Senate seat in Delaware (currently being occupied by placeholder Ted Kaufman).  Castle has been waffling lately, and sending some indications through his staff that if State AG Beau Biden runs, he would not run, despite polling showing him with a clear early lead over Biden.  Then the rumor mill indicated that Castle would likely not even run for his own House seat again in 2010, leading to much speculation that Castle would soon announce his retirement from politics.  This morning, Castle announced that he would hold a press conference at noon to announce his intentions.  According to The Politico, “sources” indicate that Castle will announce that he plans to run for the Senate seat. 

Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) will be running for Vice President Joe Biden’s old Senate seat in Delaware, according to two GOP sources connected to the congressman, instantly giving Republicans the opportunity to flip a traditionally-Democratic seat in their column.

Castle will be making a formal announcement at noon in his hometown of Wilmington. Castle had been debating whether to run for higher office, or retire after serving nine terms in the House.

Castle’s expected entrance into the race instantly makes the race for one of the Democrats’ safest seats competitive.  It would also represent an important symbolic victory for the GOP if they can recapture the current VP’s old seat.  Given Mark Kirk’s apparent strength in Illinois, even Obama’s media could not miss the significance of the Democrats losing the seats formerly occupied by both Obama and Biden.  Furthermore, Castle would presumably caucus with the GOP for at least some portion of the 6-year term he is elected to, which is an important fact.

And with that, I have officially run out of good things to say about Castle or this news.  I shall therefore follow my parents’ sound advice and not say anything further at all.