Meg Whitman Showed Little Interest in Politics until Barbara Boxer Came Along

Last week, staffers for Barbara Boxer released information indicating that expected CA GOP candidate for governor and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman had heartily endorsed Boxer in 2003:

“Whitman contributed $4,000 to Boxer in the 2004 reelection campaign — and endorsed Boxer as a part of Technology Leaders for Boxer,” confirmed Boxer aide Rose Kapolczynski today.

And, she signed an “open letter” appealing for support from the California technology executives, touting Boxer as a “dynamic and courageous leader” on the tech front.

I understand that this is California, and that it’s going to be hard to find prominent candidates who haven’t said complimentary things about Democrats.   And Whitman’s expected primary opponent certainly doesn’t have a particularly high perch from which to cast stones, having himself been a supporter of Al Gore’s recount efforts in 2000.  But what ought to be disturbing to California voters is that Whitman seems to have had literally no interest in politics at all, not even enough to cast a vote, until her endorsement of (and donations to) Barbara Boxer in 2004. 

The Whitman campaign spokescritter chalks this endorsement of one of the Senate’s most liberal members all up to Boxer’s opposition to internet sales tax.  That might be enough to perhaps explain a small donation, or for someone running for the State assembly.  It is not enough to explain a max donation and a hearty endorsement from someone running for a position as prominent as the Governor of California.  Furthermore, the gubernatorial nominee will be campaigning simultaneously with either Chuck Devore or Carly Fiorina to unseat Boxer herself – how will that look when Boxer starts running commercials using Whitman’s words?

It all adds up to one conclusion: Meg Whitman is simply not ready or deserving of carrying the party’s banner for such a prominent race.  Maybe in time she will be, but we shouldn’t run someone whose first involvement in politics was less than five years ago, and was in favor of one of the most liberal elected Democrats in the country.