Durbin Isn't So Much with the Reading Polls Thing

Last week we discussed that one of the main reasons the Democrats are trying to rush the Obamacare fight is that public support for the plan is falling like a rock, and Obamacare supporters are hoping to keep fence-sitting blue dogs from discovering just how unpopular the plan is with their districts back home.  That plan isn’t working too well as Democrat after Democrat is facing hordes of angry opposition from constituents at healthcare townhall meetings.  Electorally safe Democrats like Dick Durbin are now attempting to quell Blue Dog fears by asserting that all these people attending townhalls are fake, and that “public sentiment is in favor of healthcare reform”:

The only problem for Dick Durbin is that literally every poll taken concerning healthcare shows a plurality of the public opposed to the kind of healthcare reform currently being discussed in Congress.  Pew shows the public 44-38 opposed to “the healthcare proposals currently being discussed in Congress.”  According to NBC/WSJ, the public thinks “Barack Obama’s Healthcare Plan” is a “bad idea” by a 42-36 margin.  NPR‘s poll shows that the public is opposed by a 47-42 margin to “Obama and the Democrats’ healthcare proposal.”  Rasmussen has it closest of all, with the public opposing by a 49-47 margin the “health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and the Congressional Democrats.” Furthermore, these polls show a remarkable consistency in their trendlines, demonstrating that the public is becoming more opposed (and more firmly opposed) to Obamacare as time goes on.

But by all means, Dick.  Keep trying to sell vulnerable Democrats on the idea that the public as a whole is some sort fake astroturf effort.  I doubt it’ll be effective enough to actually salvage Obamacare, but it may well cost some Congressional Democrats their jobs.