Arlen Specter Leading the Charge Toward Republican Capitulation

We are hearing two things from reliable sources. The first is that Arlen Specter is the ringleader of a group of four Republican Senators (including Snowe, Collins, and Voinovich), that have struck a compromise with the Democrats to vote for a “stimulus” bill that is *even bigger than the ridiculous pork-fest that passed the House*.

The second is that Pat Toomey’s office is being deluged with calls urging him to run once again as a primary opponent to Arlen Specter, since Bush will not be around to pull Specter out of the fire again.

Time is running short right now. It is anticipated that the Democrats will soon offer the new, more pork-laden “stimulus” up as an amendment shortly and pass the whole thing and send it back to the house. Collins just got re-elected and therefore isn’t subject to much pressure. Voinovich is retiring and is also hopeless. Specter, on the other hand, has to face the voters in less than two years. There is one thing left to do.  



Tell him that a vote for this ridiculous pork bill is unacceptable. Let him know specifically what you will be willing to do to make sure that he is not re-elected if he continues to lead this ridiculous charge.