Bush Commutes Sentences of Compean, Ramos

Multiple sources are now reporting that President Bush has commuted the sentences of border patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Campeon. President Bush has apparently decided against pardoning the two, who were convicted of essentially shooting a drug smuggler without privilege to do so.

I have personally had many go-rounds with commenters here over the propriety of Ramos and Compean’s actions and I think that President Bush has taken the right action in this case. I believe that Ramos and Compean deserved to be punished, but a viable argument can be made in this case that an additional ten years of prison time was excessive given the facts of this case.

Many others are requesting a pardon and/or commutation today who do not deserve them, including Duke Cunningham, George Ryan, and Edwin Edwards. Hopefully, the President will demonstrate his usual reticence to use his pardon power and leave these individuals where they belong. On the other hand, many good men and women face legal jeopardy for actions taken in the war on terror based directly or indirectly on Bush’s orders. If Bush on this day is remembering Ramos and Compean, who protected the physical border of our country, it is hoped that he will not the individuals who protected our country on the front lines of the war on terror.