And Now a Word for our Fairtax Advocate Friends.

I have noticed, looking up at the recommended diaries list, that there appears to be a concerted effort to push and promote pro-FairTax diaries on this site. Now, I don’t have strong feelings about the FairTax one way or the other (it seems far fetched to me and there’s no way in hell it’s passing any time soon in this political climate, but I’m a sucker for lost causes). Also, we don’t have a problem whatsoever with issue advocacy at RedState.

However, what we *do* have a problem with are coordinated campaigns from folks who parasite onto RedState’s traffic in an attempt to make RedState FairTaxState. We have our own independent set of goals around here and don’t appreciate attempts to hijack the site.

So what am I saying, here? Well, the last group of folks to try this particular gambit thought the site ought to be RonPaulState. I’d encourage you to do some research and discover what became of their efforts on this site. Just a word of caution for the prudent.

Thanks and have a great day!