Berkely City Council Confused About its Place in the Pecking Order of Governments

Many people are going to look at this article and focus on the outrageous assault on that  “academic freedom” that liberals profess to be so fond of. That is all well and good, and I am grateful that there are those who have the time to even attempt to chronicle all the liberal hypocrisy in the world. However, to me, the more amusing aspect of this story is the sheer, mind-numbing impotence of the Berkeley City Council’s rage.

The article, which does its best to treat the Berkely City Council like a group of serious adults, observes that the Berkely City Council is going to try to do two things. First:

Next week, Berkeley’s City Council is slated to vote whether to demand the United States charge Yoo with war crimes.


The city will decide whether to order Boalt to offer alternatives to Yoo’s courses, so no student is forced to take a class from him if they don’t want to.

Apparently, no one bothered to tell the august members of the Berkeley City Council that the United States in this case means the Federal Government, and insofar as UC-Berkeley falls under the auspices of any governmental entity, it is the State government of California. Either that, or all the members of the Berkeley City Council failed their 7th grade civics class, which should have taught them that city governments do not get to tell Federal and State governments what to do. Do you want to know how far out in left field this action is? UC-Berkeley officials are openly laughing at it:

Not that the school would accede to a yay vote on the alternatives-to-You (sic) measure. “They can pass this measure, but it won’t have any bearing on the university’s policy,” says Boalt spokeswoman Susan Gluss, adding that Yoo is a well-liked professor who encourages a wide range of thinking in his classroom. As a tenured professor, he is protected by the university’s academic freedom policy unless he’s convicted of a crime and sent to jail.

Quite an amusing story, all in all. It’s also a helpful reminder that when modern liberals say they want “change,” what they really want is to carry on in endless impotent fury against their imagined boogeymen in the Bush administration. Which is, of course, the exact same thing they’ve been doing for the last 8 years.