New Obama Line of Attack: Senators are Out of Touch and Shouldn't be Elected President

You might think that the title of this post is facetious, sarcastic, or in some way inaccurate, but I delight to inform you that it is not. The background is as follows: McCain, speaking at a forum at Columbia University on service, contrasted the service of Mayors, who work and serve in the communities in which their constituents live, with Senators, who get elected and then move (generally) far away to Washington. McCain said:

“Listen, mayors have the toughest job, I think, in America. It’s easy for me to go to Washington and, frankly, be somewhat divorced from the day-to-day challenges people have.”

Now, McCain did not of course say that he was divorced from the day-to-day challenges people have. He said it was “easy for him” to do. Kind of like when an ex-smoker says, “It would be easy for me to fall back into the habit of smoking cigarettes.” This does not mean that the person making the statement actually has fallen back into the habit of smoking cigarettes.

However, let’s set aside our powers of understanding common usage of the English language for just a moment and concede Obama’s point. What does this attack indicate? Does it indicate that Obama agrees with McCain and Senators shouldn’t be elected President? If so, I guess it’s a really good thing that Obama doesn’t have any Senators running on his ticket. Or does it mean that he disagrees with Senator McCain and thinks that Senators would make fine Presidents? Either way, this is the most ridiculous and self-defeating attack that has been launched this election season, and that is really saying something.

Of course, the liberal blogosphere lives in an alternate universe and has concluded that the media’s refusal to pick up and carry an attack that is more damaging to the Obama-Biden ticket than the McCain-Palin ticket is evidence that the media is in the tank for McCain. The fact that Obama and his surrogates have become so unbalanced that they a) think this line of attack is a good idea, and b) are willing to actually try to convince the American public that the media has a conservative bias is the best evidence I have seen – better than a whole slough of polls – that the tide in this race has turned.

The last time this happened to Barack Obama, he never figured out how to turn the tide around. Let us hope he hasn’t learned from his experiences.

UPDATE: It appears that we have our answer: Barack Obama agrees with John McCain that Senators shouldn’t be President!

“We’ve had an awful lot of small-town mayors at the Democratic Convention, I assure you,” Obama said. “I meet them all the time. The mayors have some of the toughest jobs in the country because that’s where the rubber hits the road. You know, we yak in the Senate. They actually have to fill potholes and trim trees and make sure the garbage is taken away.”

Thanks to c17wife for the heads-up!

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