Andrew Sullivan Gets some Extra Time to Spend with His Family

For those who may not have been obsessively watching Andrew Sullivan swirling the drain at The Atlantic over the last week, you might be interested to know that Sullivan abruptly stopped posting early yesterday afternoon with this toss-off post. Now, Sully is pretty much as obsessive about posting as Instapundit; if you briefly check his site, you’ll see that he often throws up in the neighborhood of 20 posts a day. This led many people (myself included) to guess that The Atlantic finally got tired of having Sullivan drag their name through the muck and canned him. Now comes this announcement that Sullivan is “taking a few days off” – not, mind you, from Sullivan, but rather from Marc Ambinder. Interestingly, Ambinder’s post notes that Sullivan is “fine” and that Sullivan’s “fans” have nothing to “worry” about. It does not say that Sullivan will be returning to blog at The Atlantic soon (or ever).

I seriously question whether these “few days off” are voluntary on Sullivan’s part. I suspect this is the kind of “few days off” that eventually become “spending more time with his family” which of course is code for “got canned for being an incompetent fool.” Not, mind you, that I have any evidence whatsoever to support this charge, but surely it is permissible for me to ask the question? The time has come for Andrew Sullivan to release his pay records and put this issue to rest.