Brace Yourself for the Stupidest Thing You'll Read Today.

Apparently, logic was not a required class in whatever med school Rahul Parikh attended. Via Ross Douthat comes this mind-bendingly stupid argument:

We could ask, given that Palin had no doubts about seeing her pregnancy through, why she bothered to take a genetic test. Why not, as you might expect a woman in her position and with her outspoken beliefs to do, decline any testing or counseling? Of course, it seems very reasonable to want to know about the health of your baby and to have time to prepare (emotionally and otherwise) for a baby that may have a genetic disorder. But that doesn’t negate the fact that by having a blood test, Palin was given a choice about what to do.

…Her supporters say that Trig signals that she practices what she preaches. But her decision to have him is also a sign of her hypocrisy.

Look, it is definitionally impossible to be a person who both practices what she preaches and a hypocrite at the same time, as everyone who knows the actual definition of “hypocrite” (as opposed to the liberal definition of “hypocrite,” which is “Republican that I really, really don’t like”) knows. But let’s give Dr. Parikh the benefit of the doubt and take his “argument” to its logical conclusion. It is of course legal to get an abortion in this country for absolutely any reason, or for no reason at all. Therefore, any decision to have a child necessarily involves a “choice” as to whether to have an abortion, regardless of whether the person making it gives serious (or any) consideration whatsoever as to have an abortion. Therefore, by this logic, any pro-lifer who has a child is a hypocrite.

This kind of “argument” isn’t the product of logic or reason whatsoever. In fact, even a moderately intelligent person who had control of their senses would be embarrassed to make it because they would immediately realize how stupid it sounded. But it just goes to show that Sarah Palin’s critics have completely lost control of their mental faculties – there is no argument, no matter how weak or unfounded, that is unfit for use against Palin. No discernment is used to discard the arguments that are clearly inappropriate. So eager are Palin’s critics to beclown themselves that they are willing to state in consecutive sentences that she not only practices what she preaches but also is a hypocrite.