Fight Back by Donating

Folks, it is time for us to fight back. With the nomination of Sarah Palin, the media have really let the masks slip.

Donate to the RNC Victory Fund.

Right now, the “coverage” the major media networks are providing for the Republican National Convention ought to count as an in-kind contribution to Barack Obama’s campaign. In the middle of Fred Thompson’s primetime stemwinder speech, I switched over to the major networks, none of whom was actually covering the speech, and all of whom featured panelists going absolutely bonkers over Sarah Palin. After the convention shut down for the night, I switched over the MSNBC to find Andrea Mitchell “interviewing” Joe Lieberman. Mitchell probably asked Lieberman 8 different questions about how Lieberman could possibly support Palin. Then I flipped to CNN in time to hear Wolf Blitzer pontificate that Joe Lieberman discredited his entire speech by including a complementary line about Sarah Palin in it.

Ladies and gentlemen, the mass media has come absolutely unhinged over Sarah Palin. I have been watching politics for a relatively long time, and I have never, ever seen them blatantly and personally attack a politician in this manner. These people treated Tim Kaine, who has virtually exactly the same experience as Sarah Palin, as a serious candidate for Vice President, but for some reason, they feel it’s appropriate to ridicule Sarah Palin and drag her family through the mud.

Folks, it is time for us to fight back. With the nomination of Sarah Palin, the media have really let the masks slip. They are not going to give McCain anything even approaching fair coverage of this convention or anything else from here on out, so McCain and the RNC are going to have to expend extra money on ad buys and other measures to combat the media’s complicity with Barack Obama’s campaign. And that costs money. So the next time some supposedly objective “news” person engages in this ridiculous behavior, don’t just get angry: fight back by donating to the RNC Victory fund (the McCain campaign cannot use their donations after tomorrow).

Every time a talking head refers to Sarah Palin as the “former mayor of a small town,” fight back by donating.

Every time a talking head treats Bristol Palin as fair game, fight back by donating.

Every time a newspaper or magazine quotes extensively from Sarah Palin’s political enemies without quoting any of the 80% of people in Alaska who approve of her job performance, fight back by donating.

Every time a talking head expresses amazement that a woman could be pro-life, fight back by donating.

Every time anyone falsely accuses her of being a member of the Alaska Independence Party (or repeats any other Kos-created and non-factchecked smear), fight back by donating.

I haven’t the slightest doubt that Sarah Palin can handle herself, as the world will see tonight (provided that the media deigns to actually air her speech, rather than have it on in the background while various talking heads smear her). But no matter how good or competent she is on the trail, the media will simply not allow that information to filter through, so we have make sure that McCain and the RNC have the funds to get it through anyway. So stop screaming at your television and help McCain and Palin fight back.

If you want to let them know the donation came from RedState, add $.03 to the end of your donation.