Get Ready for a Lot of Fishmouth From Democrats and Media Over the Next Two Months

So the various talking heads were discussing the Palin selection this morning, and typically, they were trying to come at the thing from all angles. On CNN, John Roberts walked unwittingly into a haymaker when he mused:

John Roberts: She has a child with Down’s Syndrome, and care for children like that can take a lot of time. Is there any concern about the balance of that?

Enter CNN’s Dana Bash, no partisan hack by any stretch of the imagination. If she’s ever displayed partisan leanings either way, I’ve not discerned them. So imagine my (and John Roberts’ surprise) when Bash let loose with:

Dana Bash: The McCain camp is probably wondering if she were a man, whether you would be asking the same question.


“The McCain camp” is probably wondering, Dana? Impressive professionalism to be able to preface that haymaker that way. Let me just say that the debate between Joe “You cannot work at a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts in Delaware unless you have a slight Indian accent” “My state was a slave state” Biden and Palin are going to be made of awesome.