Have I Mentioned that Barack Obama is Morally Depraved?

Lo, I believe that I have. And now, as a bonus, it appears that he’s a liar. I know, I know, “liar” is generally more or less subsumed within “morally depraved,” but in this case, it turns out that he’s a liar in addition to being the sort of person who thinks it ought to be legal to allow babies who survive attempted abortions to die on the operating table; or, you know, in a toilet. Comes now the NRLC to shed a little light on things, including the little lie about Barack voting against the bill because it was “poorly drafted.”

Surprise, surprise: His mad dash to the right to the right notwithstanding, Barack Obama is as morally empty as his early record indicated.

More below…Jill Stanek, a tireless pro-life crusader, has been on this from the beginning, and originally testified before the Illinois State Senate committee on which Barack Obama sat – and was totally indifferent to the idea that kids born alive were being left to die by abortion clinics. When the story initially broke, Stanek was called a liar and a person who misrepresented the facts, and Barack’s many worshipers insisted that Barack would never – never – have voted against such a bill. Only a morally depraved person would do that – I mean, the entire Senate voted unanimously for the bill, it’s ridiculous to assume that Barack Obama is really that far to the left of every single Senator, right? The truth, we were repeatedly assured, is that Barack had questions – serious, grave questions about the Constitutionality of the legislation. Sure, he used to be a Con Law professor, but how is he supposed to know this stuff?

Turns out, of course, that the truth is much simpler – it usually is. This is exactly the Barack Obama we thought we knew these past 20 months.