Voting Against Tedisco.

A new Siena Poll shows that Tedisco’s early lead seems to be eroding. Now to be sure we don’t know if these polling results are accurate and we don’t know what turnout will be like on election day. Tedisco could end up winning by 25 but I think it is a predictible result when you run a insider politician in a atmosphere (especially amongst conservatives) where big spending Washington politicians are so disliked.

It is too funny that the Republican is a career politician, earmark king, running ads attacking his opponent for being a “big businessman” “wallstreet” guy who give bonuses to executives. It is like twilight zone stuff.

To top it all off the Democrats process of picking their candidate was open and involved meetings with all interested candidates in which they sat down at a restaurant with each one for a significant amount of time to find their best candidate. Republicans on the other hand had a closed door process which seemed phony from the start where the county chairmen voted based on whether the prospective candidate had friends in their county.

So here we are just over two weeks away from a special election with a candidate who won’t take a position on anything including the stimulus bill (which on that issue puts him to the left of representatives like Castle-DE, Gerlach-PA, and Kirk-IL who all have lifetime ACU rating of less than 63 and represent districts much more liberal than NY-20). And a candidate who lacks principled anything and representes the opposite of principled conservatism.

So as a member of the 20th district I have been struggling with what to do. Do I vote for someone who stands against some basic core conservative principles (which I have done before) but in addition who’s reason for these positions are based on political calculations rather than core beliefs (which I have not). And the answer is no. I know that some people will say “how could you” and push arguments about our numbers in the house and so on. But the reality is that if we are to make a comeback the next real chance for that is in Nov. 2010 not in 2009 via the NY-20 Special Election. By that time we will be able to find a prinicpled candidate to fight the Democrats and Obama. This is the best long term result. And even though the short term prospect of victory by Tedisco may be appealing to many it would be worse than a band-aid on a severed limb because while a band aid may not further hurt the severed limb a Tedisco win would further stomp on any claim to conservative principles that the Republican party has.

There will be many well qualified and admirable candidates who would face off against Scott Murphy in 2010. Right now we need to be patient and disicplined not careless and self defeating. By sending another big government porker to Washington.