Obama's Team is Delusional about Evangelicals

I posted back on June 19th that Obama was wrong in thinking he had a chance to win Mississippi in November because his argument was based on false facts. He claimed that Mississippi was 40% black but only voted as 25% of the population. This was his rationale for putting the state in play; if he could just get African Americans to vote their proportion of the population he would have a 40% built in head start. The problem was, and is, that Mississippi is only 36% black and made up 34% of the voting population in 2004. Meaning Obama’s plan to turn them out to vote their proportion would mean just a 2% increase, hardly enough to flip a 20 point Bush State.

Moving on to Evangelicals Obama’s team encounters the same problem; he claims he can win over many evangelicals but by definition these people he intends to win over hardly seem to be the evangelicals he needs, if evangelicals at all.

Obama’s National Director of Religious Affairs, Joshua Dubois said

I think a lot of evangelicals are concerned with climate change, they’re concerned with genocide in Darfur, they’re concerned with our troops in Iraq and what we’re going to do about our energy crisis.

Now call me crazy but a person who is concerned about climate change and Darfur so much so to vote for Obama sounds more like a 23 year old, blue haired kid, from Seattle drinking a Starbucks, than it does a church going family man in Georgia.

And I don’t know if a group of voters that is identified by their religion would put Barry’s vague energy plan (which as a astute political observer I could not fully explain to you) above moral, family, and life issues which are directly affected by their religious belief.

So because Barry is a little confused about what evangelicals are concerned about I’ll try and help him out. Evangelicals are Pro-life, they are for traditional marriage, they go to church (even when their not feeling bitter), and a lot of them also share other conservative beliefs such as low taxes, and support for the War on Terror. Most importantly they believe in God and look for His guidance through life, while trying to be true to Him and their families along the way.

Obama can’t just define Evangelicals as his current voting bloc and then run around claiming he has so much Evangelical support. That would be like McCain saying that he is going to win liberals over by appealing to their pro-life views, and their support of the war. If that is what liberals believed then maybe McCain would have a shot.

So I guess if Obama sees a college aged hippi, who belongs to NARAL, protests against the war, who eats only organic products, while driving around a Prius; and says “Ohh let me try persuade that Evangelical to vote for me”. He will probably win 100% of the Evangelical vote. In his delusional little mind.