Thank God He is Letting the Adults Handle This

Off of the top of my head the Georgian-Russian conflict has taught us a few lessons and exposed to us a few truths.

Number 1 is that sometimes countries don’t always listen to what we say or do what we ask. President Bush has told Russia to draw back their troops to the contested territories and yet Russia has refused. Now I’m not 100 percent sure how Barack Obama would ask Putin and the Russians any differently than our current President did, but the notion that just sitting down and talking to our enemies will solve international conflicts has just been blown out of the water.

What is even scarier then Obama’s policy of “talk first, and when that doesn’t work, beg later” is that I don’t think that community organizer has a back up plan to his whole idea of talking. So if Obama became President and this happened to him Russia could invade Ukraine, Poland, and all of Europe and Obama would be left frozen in disbelief as to why the Russians aren’t listening to him.

Finally, this whole conflict shows one other thing. John McCain is ready to be commander and chief and Obama is simply not. McCain sounds confident on this topic, looks more presidential then Obama, and just seems like a national security leader. Meanwhile Barack Obama gives a Jimmy Cater like statement in a golf shirt from Hawaii while the adults handle the situation