Corruption at the Highest Levels of the Gang of 10

I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet but it is the first I am hearing about it. The Gang of 10 which include 5 Republican Senators and 5 Democrat Senators have angered conservatives by adopting an energy policy proposal that is everything Nancy Pelosi wants with a sprinkle of drilling for Republicans. It is a slap in the face against all of the conservative House members who have been working so hard to have the American people identify Republicans with solving the energy problem by drilling. Where does the corruption come in?

Well I was just watching Special Report on Fox News and according to James Rosen who was reporting on the Gang of 10, part of the Gang of 10 plan involves the creation of one or more nuclear energy plants which would bring jobs and a boost to the local economy that they are located in. Well, according to Rosen the plant will be either located in the state of South Carolina or Georgia. Which just so happens to be the home states of 3 out of the 5 Republican members. Namely Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Issakson of Georgia.

Whether or not they abandoned the whole Republican House, the rest of the Republican Senate, President Bush and John McCain for a chance at having a facility placed in their backyard so they can show their voters how they can bring home the bacon is unclear. But polling shows the Republican message of drilling is popular so why else throw away one of our few good issues this cycle.

A side note, in the same story by Rosen, Graham said something to the effect that if Republicans want to embarrass the Democrats instead of solving the energy crisis then they don’t understand what the people want. Too bad Lindsey doesn’t get that we can solve the energy crisis and embarrass the Democrats at the same time.

Final note, it is depressing to know that John McCain’s closet friend and ally in the Senate is Lindsey Graham. We will be rooting for a guy who takes Graham seriously. That is dangerous for all Americans. If we win this November we really lose.