Police Departments and SUV's

Driving around the suburbs of New York City gas is very expensive, the price of gas at 4.25 a gallon doesn’t catch many New Yorkers eyes as it would say in Maryland or North Carolina.( where on a recent vacation I saw gas as cheap as 3.62) The high prices are starting to have an affect on how people view driving. For example my mom points out how she fills up her Toyota Corolla less often then her old Nissan Pathfinder, and my girlfriend’s dad is looking to buy a small car in addition to his truck to drive around when not on a construction job. But to conservatives this behavior should be expected, I mean we are always saying the markets will work, and this is an example of how demand goes down when price goes up.But there are a few notable governmental organizations that don’t seem to let high gas prices get them down, (probably because they are not footing the bill): I’m referring to our local and state police departments. As I drive around I can’t help to notice there are so many Police SUV’s instead of police cars on the roads nowadays. I see a lot of Chevy Tahoe driving New York State troopers. Now forget the fact that a Chevy Tahoe costs 12,000 dollars more than the the Chevy Impala (a popular new police car), but the Impala gets 11 more miles per gallon on the Highway (Which is the only place New York State Troopers ever seem to be) than the Tahoe SUV. See Chevy’s Website So why in the hell are the New York State Police driving around a bunch of Chevy SUV’s. When you think about it they shouldn’t be charging the taxpayers to drive around the more expensive SUVs in the first place, but with gas so high they are really starting the waste a lot of money.

Now I know upstate New York is a little more rugged than Manhattan, but last time I checked I don’t see the advantage in having a Police officer drive an SUV over a car unless there are Adirondack Mountain high speed chases that I have been missing.

Gas has been increasing in cost since 2005 and yet these Police Departments have 2008 Tahoes and Chargers, its not as if they bought them before gas prices skyrocketed.

To put the icing on the cake all the New York State Troopers do is sit around with their cars running (which burns a heck of a lot of gas) waiting to pull me over when the speed limit changes from 55 to 45. I guess thats because they weren’t wasting enough of my hard earned money driving an SUV to begin with.

To conclude I have a plan to solve the problem since most of the New York State Government believes that we should do something about make believe global warming they should mandate that the cops drive Prius’s. I mean think of the benefits, they aren’t costing the taxpayers huge amounts of money, they THINK they are saving the environment, and on the rare occasion that a New York State Trooper isn’t writing a cellphone or seat belt ticket, but rather arresting a criminal, the criminal won’t be so comfortable in the back seat of a hybrid.