Something that (maybe? please?) we can all agree on.

I come from a military family.

I currently have 2 active duty servicepeople in my immediate circle of relatives, one of whom is trying to get sent to Afghanistan as we speak.

I never went myself…while I have regrets about that, I think I made the right choice.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t value our soldiers as much as the reddest red stater.

So when I read about homeless veterans, it totally kills me.  It wrecks me to think that we ask so much of these folks and then for whatever reason they fall off the wheel.  It is our duty as a nation under God to respect their sacrifices, and we can start by getting them off the street.

I don’t know how people here feel about Secretary Sinseki, but I applaud the attention he’s giving to the plight of the homeless.

But I’m not here only to draw attention to something I think the administration is doing well, because if I was, I’d be in the wrong place.  =)  I’m asking any of you, vets or not, for places I can work to help homeless vets.  I have some time on my hands…Michigan economy and whatnot, and I want to spend it doing some good.  So, please, any suggestions would be welcome.


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