Let's Play a Little Game!

Okay, here’s the deal.

Let’s play a game.  I’ll write something that I sincereley believe President Bush was excellent at, that helped the our nation and the world, and someone else responds with something that they sincereley believe that President Obama has done well.

Snark is expected, if not exactly encouraged, but truly snarky responses should be followed up with something nice.

I guess I’m hoping that we can find some common ground, and spend at least a few posts realizing that we live in what is unquestionably the best nation in the world (and I’m a Danish citizen, so me saying that is HUGE.  Danes are insanley nationalistic.  I was taught to hate Swedes over a war that ended 600 years ago or something.  I do not hate Swedes fwiw.  I overcame my racist upbringing).

I’ll go first:

1) President Bush was an amazing leader after 9/11.  I was scared, angry, confused; Bush got up there and convinced me that he was in charge, and that my government was going to do everything in its power to keep me safe.

2) President Bush was an incredible humanitarian when it came to preventing and treating AIDS.  This means a lot to me, because my Uncle died of AIDS before there was real treatment.  A relic of his misspent youth, but regardless, untreated AIDS is a horrible, horrible, thing.  President Bush showed incredible compassion and vision in promoting his AIDS policies.