Indians go a-pirate hunting....more complex than first thought...

Earlier you all may remember the post about the Indian Navy destroying a pirate mother ship. At the news of the ship’s destruction, many people, including myself, expressed happiness at the destruction.

I read this article today, which changed my enthusiasm into disgust and sadness.

Pirate ‘Mother Ship’ or Thai Trawler

The article is short, but the part that upset me was the assertion that the ship was not in fact a mothership, but actually a fishing vessel which was under pirate attack, yet not fully under pirate control. Apparently, there were sixteen sailors on board, one of whom has been found alive, one confirmed dead, and fourteen still missing.

Moe had me rewrite this diary, because, I believe, he found it to be misleading and overly provocative. I’ll apologize for that, because in my effort to be alarmist, I foolishly detracted from my original point.

That point was: I believe that there’s a reason we have to follow legal and military procedure. Yes, sometimes doing things cautiously lets bad guys go. But sometimes being aggressive kills innocent people. I think there’s a reason police don’t storm hostage situations, and there’s a reason we don’t carpet bomb enemy nations.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s the lefty in me, but I think that we, as a society, are better served letting 100 people go free rather than killing one innocent. I hate state violence, because I see how it can be clumsily used. What do you think?