Trial By Peers

I wonder if Khalid Sheik Mohammad will get a trial of his peers when his trial begins in New York. If the constitution is correct, they will have to have 12 terrorists in the jury box. I suppose that might be a stretch of the legal system, however, it does bring up a sticky legal question. I’m sure there are plenty of terrorists around if the prisoner’s lawyers have their way. Since we are so willing to give enemy combatants the same rights as American citizens we had better make provision if the jury finds them not guilty, or they get off on a technicality. One can never assume anything where justice is concerned. It seems almost fairy-tale-like when we look at the whole framework that has been put in place in New York. Attorney General Holder has set in motion a story which will end in one of three ways. Either someone will assasinate the defendants, and thus bring about a full-fledged attack by every radical Islamist group in the world, the defendants will be found guilty, and go to prison, and possibly die quietly, or they will be found guilty by a compassionate jury, and be sentanced to time served. That would spark a wholesale riot by American citizens. Fairy tales have a moral to them. The moral to this story is this; Never bring a terrorist to a party, and certainly don’t let him wonder off by himself. The moral to this story, however, is never bring a terrorist, found on a battlefield, to trial in a civilian court. This party is one which the Obama administration will have to take responsibility for. They will have to keep the party safe for the guests. It woul not look good if something happened to a guest at their party. However, with the track record the Obama administration has had with uninvited guests showing up I have my doubts as to whether they can keep any party safe. Time will be the factor, and the lawyers for the defence have a game plan which includes having a long running party, with many guests, and the most expensive food and drink. It will look more like a banquet for a Persian King than a trial, expensive, and expansive. Ultimately it will cost the taxpayer many millions of dollars to give this party, and the boisterousness of the party will soon have a grating effect on those who must watch the party, and have to pay for the party, but don’t get to attend. Even some within the party will soon feel the effects of the boisterousness of the special guests.The length of the party and the tone of the party will have consequences for those who invited everyone to the party, and soon they will have to answer to the police when the loudness and the rambunctiousness of the special guests becomes a stumbling block to those who desire to go to bed. The police are the voters who have had enough of the noise, and the nonsense. They will only put up with so much, and then they will throw everyone who brought the party to their neighborhood out of town. Then they will set the agenda as to how parties are done in their town. The sound will subside, and the levity will be reigned in. The facts will win the day, and order will be restored. The verdict will be fair and just, and the sentance will be carried out.
When the citizens are able to gain back control of the party, they respond to the crisis at hand, and complete the process without all the fanfare that those who were the party givers ever could. The party will end, everyone will go back home, and quiet will return to the town. Hope is eternal.