Directions To Plato

It seems that we have, in our seat of government, a renewal of an old perspective concerning the governance of this nation. Plato wrote in his book; Republic, that governance of the state is only good if those who govern have justice as the center of their philosophy. We, in this nation have come full circle, if we settle on Plato’s definitions of government. We began under a tyrannical king, Georgelll of England. We then became a confederacy of states, somewhat like the city-states of ancient greece. Each state had its own government with a small central government that arbitrated between the states. Then we became a republic, which has endured for 233 years. That republic has seen changes that have led to an oligarchy/timocracy form of government. We have seen the elite, and the wealthy become the power brokers, and the ruling class wherein our society has become more and more unjust, and socialist in nature. We have now seen the transition of our government into a full-fledged oligarchy in that we have a congress which sees itself as the true arbitor us our welfare, whether it is lawful or not. As a government, we have strayed so far from the original intensions of the founding fathers that it is hard to recognize it. The Progressive movement, since the beginning of the 20th century has worked at destroying the very constitution and bill of rights that allowed them to become a governing base in our nation. The very thing Plato warned about has come upon us. The next step in the process has already shown its ugly head. That atrocity for which our founding fathers fought the revolutionary war has surfaced again. Tyranny has become the pattern by which this legislature has gained its victories this session. The corruption, deceit, and gross misconduct of Senators and Representatives, as well as the Executive branch of our government, is the epitome of evil, and the outright lies being told the citizens of this nation has become a stain on the whole nation and is unconscionable. There is no attempt at even hiding the tyrannical nature of the evil, as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have shown their comtempt for the citizens of this nation. It is truly embarrassing to turn on the TV and see these two standing in public spraying their lies and deceptions across the viewing audience. It is time to bring this to a screeching halt.