From Here To Inevitable

The signal fires are burning. The laws are on the books. Washinton DC is rancid with the stench of corruption. It seems inevitable that life in America will change under the auspices of the Democratic Congress. If the health care legislation passes, and we move on to Cap and Trade, the immediate impact will be the strangulation of all freedom and liberty in our beloved nation. We have weathered many storms over the 223 years this nation has held sway over the lives of its citizens. It is like many other things in this nation that have changed over the last year, as the foundations of liberty came under attack. We are faced with the greatest challenge of this century, and the previous one. The very fabric of our government has been altered from a government of the people, for the people, and by the people into an oligarchy controlled by Senators, Representatives, and a President who has a plan to abolish the constitution, and the bill of rights. The very soul of this nation is being ripped out, and replaced with a government-run-machine, with tentacles that grow with every law and executive order that is uttered from that filthy body. As the laws and orders change so does the climate of hopelessness, and inevitability that we are a nation on the brink of disaster.
If nothing changes, we will not see another year of freedom and liberty. Time is not on the side of the people, as long as there is no voice to speak out against this tenacled beast. The beast must be slain before the strength and courage of the citizenry is sapped. 2010 is the year of living dangerously for those who oppose this government takeover of our Republic. The legislature must be cleaned out and replaced with common folk who will listen to the constituents. There can be no retreat and no surrender in this battle for the soul of this nation is at stake. This government is supposed to reflect the will of the people first, then the local and state government, then the leftovers are to be in the authority of the federal government. Those in office now want that form of government turned around. They want the federal government to have all control. That is why they want to have universal voter registration, with them in control of who gets to vote. They want every person, whether they are a citizen or not to be able to vote, swelling the ranks of Democrats on the voter rolls. That is why they think they can get away with everything they aare doing now. They don’t think they will lose the election if they pass the universal voter law, thereby continuing their oligarchy, and their push toward a Socialist government. If the next election is lost by the people. we are going to see the destruction of this nation. The inevitable that we fought against will take place, if we fail.